1. Reels are short videos of Instagram that range from three to fifteen seconds.
  2. Reels can be accessed through a new tab displayed on a user’s account.
  3. Reels can be uploaded to Instagram stories and timelines as well.
  4. Reels can be recorded through several merged short videos as well as one video.
  5. Users can either record Instagram reels themselves or upload them from their phone’s gallery.
  6. Reels can only be made from mobile phones.
  7. The standard ratio proportion of a reel is 9:16.
  8. The feature of Reels does not have to be downloaded additionally. Rather it is available to be used from Instagram’s own camera.

There is no difference between the access point of Instagram reels and Instagram stories. Both of them can be created from the same camera. Users can easily get to reels because it is located in the built-in camera for Instagram. You can come across reels from anywhere. They are displayed on your newsfeed as well as the explore page.

The large window you see on your explore page allows you to browse through an endless feed of Instagram reels. If you want to access an account’s reels, tap on the video icon button, and it will show you all the reels the account has uploaded. But this is only possible if they have uploaded any Instagram reels.

Making Instagram Reels

  1. To start making your own reels, swipe right across your main feed on Instagram. A new window will open in which you’ll see your camera view being displayed. Now, located down on your screen, you’ll notice a variety of options to choose from. These will include Live, Reels, and Story. Choose the reels option to continue.
  2. Once you click on the reels option, you’ll notice another set of different options being displayed. These will include reels, timer, sound, effects, and speed. However, note that Instagram does not let business accounts use copyrighted audios to prevent getting into legal trouble. Buy Instagram reels views; they will help your reels get popular.
  3. When you’re ready to record, hold your finger or thumb on the shutter button to record a video. Once you’re done, take off your finger/thumb, and the recorded video will be at your interface to be further taken care of. You can also use the hands-free option that lets you record without holding onto the button. If that doesn’t work for you, then consider setting a timer to record your video. Once you’re done recording, the red bar will change.

How to Get your Reels Popular

Buying Instagram reels views is the number one method of making your reels popular. But other ways require patience and effort but not money. You can make your reels noticed by displaying an attractive thumbnail on them. Thumbnails that catch the eyes can draw views from dozens of users. They will be intrigued by clicking on your reel and watching it. Another tip we have for you is to never stop experimenting. Always be creative no matter what. Don’t hesitate to try out new effects and filters to gain maximum engagement on your reels. Encouraging your followers to like, share, and the comment will also lead to your reels reaching new heights. This is a great way to attract new users to your profile and make them your loyal followers. If you can’t do this, we suggest you take the easy shortcut and buy reels right away.